Realtime Smart Meter

VOLT properties and benefits.
  1. Check electricity usage at that time and past To control the use and reduce electricity bills.
  2. Can be viewed both via computer and mobile anytime, anywhere, and updated every 1 minute.
  3. VOLT show results in numbers and graphs in detail both current and past 1 year.
  4. Sending notification when power or total consumption exceeds setting point.
  5. Separate electricity usage by minute, hourly, daily, and monthly. Separate electricity usage during peak and off peak periods.
  6. The 3-phases meter shows the voltage, current and power factor of each phase, allowing you to easily improve the phases balance and other values.
  7. Problems with power surges, drops, overloads, electric shocks, and electrical leaks occur frequently, so you need to have a VOLT to check your current values. And look back if problems occur.
  8. The components conform to international standard, so it is assured of quality, accuracy, safety and durability.
  9. More confident with 2 years warranty.

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IoT platform services

Today, IoT is essential to every life and business. Acts to connect, send data between devices automatically in real time is used to display, monitor and control various devices. For living house To facilitate and ensure safety For business used in energy, buildings, machinery, industrial equipment Helps to increase management capability of the work process, effectively reducing costs, errors and delays.

Water Pacific Company Limited, IoT developer for public and private agencies. Develop energy, environmental and machine measurement systems in industrial plants Ready to build a complete IoT system for you.

Products and Services


Energy, environment and process sensors.

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Energy monitoring system

Single phase, Three phases for monitoring, control and analysis. The system is useful support for your energy consumption control and reduction.

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Environmental monitoring stations

The water quality, air polution, noise polution monitoring stations Which send realtime value to show on web browser and mobile application.

Smart apartment software

Managerial software and billing with automated electric meter for apartment and rental areas.

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Business Areas


In 20 years with more than 50 projects of our alternative energy and energy conservation working areas, we have research and implementation in biofuel, solar energy, biogas, automotive fuel and process improvement for energy conservation.

Nowaday, communication network is rapidly and continuously improving, we have developed new product line to service our customer by innovative creation. The energy monitoring and equipment remoted control are served by Internet of Things technology that is our current and next milestone.

Project Reference


On the country development, especially community and industry expansion, the derogated environment is poisoning human health. Environment is increasingly controlled by standard and regislation from both public and private sectors.

Our business has adapted to environmental monitoring and analysis for serveral yease. We started development of environmental monitoring and warning system of water, air and noise quality that intenses to industrial and city areas of Samutsongkham, Ratchaburi, Nakornpathom and Chachoengsao provinces.

Aboard Energy Projects

We have worked as consultant to develop policy and plan for alternative energy development and energy efficiency in Vietnam, Laos and China according to UNIDO Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and China cooperation.

The projects outcome reduces energy loss and increase alternative energy percentage of project partner organizations.